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The IFHE University has a dedicated Placement cell that looks into the campus recruitment and inviting reputed firms for placement across the programs. The students are extended with placement assistance in the final semester of their program.

Career Opportunities

Students who complete MA Financial Economics from IFHE can seek career opportunities in the following areas:

Banking and Insurance: Economists occupy vantage positions in all types of banks (including Reserve Bank of India) and insurance companies in India and abroad. The roles they play are: financial economist, credit analyst, financial analyst, econometricians, portfolio manager and insurance analyst.

Research and Consulting firms: Economists in consulting firms perform much of the macroeconomic analysis and forecasting in India and abroad. They are also engaged in model building, survey designing and analysis on diversified areas. The specific roles they play are monetary economists, financial economists, public economists, international trade economists and econometrician.

Investment & brokerage firms: Investment firms offer a wide array of jobs to economists. The specific roles are quantitative economist, financial modeler, market analyst, investment advisor, equity researcher, forex analyst, etc.

Infrastucture and real estate firms: Economic post graduates are high in demand in this industry space. Some of the specific roles are energy economist, infrastructure economist, real estate economist, sports economist, transport economist, etc.

Government: Government engages the economists to study the GDP, price indices, inflation, economic growth, investment, unemployment rates, analyze the impact of the government's policies pertaining to taxes, welfare, and budget surplus or deficits in the country. The specific roles are to engage as economist, policy analyst, macrofiscal analyst, macro modeler and economic affair officer.

Public and private corporations: Economists working for corporations are involved in forecasting consumer demand and sales of the firm's products, competitors' analysis, monitor legislation passed by government.

Media and Publishing: Publishing companies and trade associations also employ economists. The specific roles for the post economic postgraduates are economic journalist, industrial economists, and organizational economist.


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