Ethos of the School

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The ICFAI School of Architecture (ISArch), a constituent of IFHE is established in the year 2018. ICFAI School of Architecture offers 5 years (10 semesters) full-time Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree Program, approved by the Council of Architecture. ISArch was established with an aim to evolve a center for excellence in Architecture, through a wholesome approach in Architectural pedagogy. At ISArch, we strongly believe that teaching should focus on having the student achieve an awareness of ideas and values which needs to be focused and realized. The idea is to expose the student to various dimensions in Architecture, and to support them with the latest technology and infrastructure that enables them to express themselves.

ISArch is committed to seeking the balance between integrating and nurturing a Human being and the surrounding environment. Through both theory and practice the emphasis shall be on three aspects- (1) reasoning, (2) scientific enquiry, and an eye upon the (3) environment. It is about creating a balance between Human and the environment, to be consciously aware of every choice and step made toward the future.

It is also about the Individuality focussed on Human-ness in architecture. The notion of being grounded, empathetic, and a thought leading to an action is what drives every individual at ISArch. ISArch is driven toward seeking curiosity of the young minds, by making them question everything. The levels of tolerance and understanding another human being are of utmost importance, hence the ICFAI School of Architecture works toward making it a priority.

ICFAI School of Architecture practices a unique system of teaching. Its pedagogy is based on bringing in together all the courses of architecture to create an exemplary approach to Design. The curriculum is revised regularly as it shall be beneficial to the students who are up to date with the potentialities of the present & the future.

ISArch believes in the constancy of change to which students shall be equipped. The design studio is leading all the other activities in an integrative manner, bringing in the capacities of all the subjects to their maximum benefit. Hence, a constant change in the curriculum is encouraged.