Goals and Skills

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  1. Professional Learning: Each student shall be equipped with the ability to grasp, transform and realise an idea into an architectural program.
  2. Social & Cultural Thinking: To design, understand and build for another human shall bring into the Students sensitivity and a meaningful cultural contribution to a larger social and cultural context.
  3. Digital + Technology: Students will be trained to the latest digital techniques by introducing them to fabrication, and environmentally sensitive design.
  4. Urbanism & Sustainable Practices: Students shall be exposed to scenarios & conditions to develop the ability to integrate sustainable practices, & material research to find sustainable & cultural design solutions.
  5. Critical Thinking: Students shall be equipped with creative, analytical, and intellectual thinking to apply to architectural and environmental issues.
  6. Professional Knowledge: ISArch focuses on training its students toward necessary transferable skills. Such as communication skills, necessary leadership abilities, and imposing team work through its studio culture, and finally aims to create a comprehensive personality of each one of its students.