What makes ISArch Unique?

Green and Vibrant Campus

ISArch curriculum is such that it merges the experience of campus life and academics into a blend so smooth that architecture seems like calm seas. IFHE is in a 92- acre lush green sylvan campus with a built-up area of over 16 lakh sq. feet. The campus is vibrant with over 6000 students coming together from various disciplines, socio-cultural and geographical backgrounds making the campus lively and truly diverse. While, along the line the academics show a unique syllabus which is constantly updated to keep the students up-to-date with the present and the future.

A Multifaceted Environment

The University offers multiple programs as Graduate, Postgraduate and PhD across various departments. Students of ISArch are exposed to peer groups from multiple disciplines and varied academic interests. Students have the opportunity to pursue elective courses of their interest from multiple courses offered across the University.

An All-Inclusive Approach

The three-fold approach of Theory, Practice and fun is to create an all-inclusive experience of learning at ISArch comprising of Vocational Skill Training & Transferable Skills. ISArch focuses on training its students toward necessary transferable skills. Such as communication skills, necessary leadership abilities, and imposing team work through its studio culture, and finally aims to create a comprehensive personality of each one of its students. ISArch facilitates extracurricular and co-curricular activities through outdoor and indoor sports and various students’ clubs to transform students into well-groomed personalities.

Toward a Sustainable Cause

The Program builds on a unique project-based approach and focuses on the role of the architect as the designer with specialised sustainable-context specific design knowledge and skills.

The strong emphasis is targeted to successful integration of renewable and sustainable energy technologies into buildings, which requires an understanding of both design and technology and hence the close co-operation of architecture and engineering. ISArch has an MoU with USGBC (United States Green Building Council).
To Travel & Learn

The department enjoys strong collaborative links with overseas institutions. The students shall have the opportunity to attend conferences, seminars and training

courses both in India and abroad. ICFAI School of Architecture signed an MOU with Politecnico De Milano, A 150 year old Top Italian University, facilitating Several Exchange Programs for Students and Faculty Members.
Ready for Global Exposure

The department has strong collaborative links with architectural practices and environmental design consultants in India and abroad; experts in the field are often invited to give you lectures,

tutorials, and participate in design reviews. The students shall have the chance to meet and collaborate with experts in the field.
Reality in Studio

ISArch enables and aims at creating in-studio experiments of real-time problems and possible futures to take up as challenges that we all face today are evolving in scale and complexity.

There are urgent tasks at hand, and the emergence of new technologies in tandem with the growing possibilities for altering established structures of power are transforming the nature of architectural study and practice around the world.
Industrial Know-how

The program offers cross-disciplinary interaction and debate with experts from the Industry, as the students get to listen to professionals from other industrial sectors as well and share experience,

and can enhance their professional network of contacts and support. The material museum is constantly updated preceded by an expert talk to keep the students engaged and refreshed of the newer products and technologies of the field.
Internship Programs

ISArch boosts the students' knowledge by letting them take up summer internships and the Practical Training to improve their field experience thereby making them professionally competent.

Emphasis on research skills development

Curriculum at ISArch emphasises on imparting research aptitude to students in order to enable scientific inquiry in them. ISArch curriculum is planned to include

Architectural research courses that span over four consecutive semesters, giving students an opportunity to realise their core areas of competence and a direction for the future.
Architecture Readiness

The curriculum at ISArch emphasises on skilldevelopment courses to broaden career horizon, development of critical thinking skills, development of interpersonal communication

and professional presentation skills, cross disciplinary interaction and debate, working with professionals from other industrial sectors and sharing experience, as well as enhancing your professional network of contacts and support.
Placement Assistance

IFHE has a full-fledged placement cell team for the campus placement with the top notch companies. ISArch also assists in enhancing the skill-set of students by providing soft skills, mock interviews,

personality development and portfolio-making workshops. Faculty members from internationally acclaimed universities are invited to conduct workshops and interact with the students. We encourage students and guide them to be placed in renowned architectural firms in India and abroad for their practical training and internship programs.