Centre for Excellence in Criminal Law

The Centre for Excellence in Criminal Law is established with an objective to contribute to the field of criminal law literature and to organize conferences, seminars and workshops, webinars, symposium, expert lectures on various contemporary and emerging issues of the Criminal Law. The centre endeavours to coordinate and collaborate with various departments concerned with the criminal law such as Police and Police Administration, Forensic Science Labs and sensitize the students, professionals and other stakeholders regarding emerging trends in criminal law. The centre organised Webinars in the area of ‘Law and Correctional Administration’, ‘Aesthesis of Victims in the Criminal Justice System’, ‘Criminal Justice System and Police Administration’ and ‘Cyber Crime Investigations: Forensic Stratagems’ with eminent Judges, Police Officers and Academy of Prisons an Correctional Administration, Vellore and Institute of Correctional Administration, Chandigarh.