Student Clubs

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club "BizLex"

“BIZLEX” is a part of IFHE IIC; which is an institution innovation center (in association with the Ministry of HRD); that carries the pre-incubation/incubation activities for the budding ideas of the institute's bright minds.

This club along with IIC is quite active in bringing the business leaders to share their paths or success through weekly webinars. Apart from these the ideas of the students which are at seed level are nurtured by regular mentoring and grown into incubation level. Support with respect to patent filing, market entry relations are also guided and funded for chosen ideas.

The objective is to create the interest in being self-reliant and job creators for highly motivated gen-next. This club conducts regular business oriented competitions like marketing solution competition, business plan competitions... and installs the need for innovation and out-of-box thinking to not just survive but succeed in future.

All in all this club is not just bringing futuristic lawyers with technicalities required to start their venture but also building confidence and providing motivation for them to fly and take on the world.

Biz-Lex First Ideation Competition

As a continuous endeavor to develop entrepreneurial skills in students, Biz-Lex club of ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad have initiated ideation competition. Here students get a chance to present an entrepreneurial idea on which they will be mentored by faculty on aspects of practicality, risks and most importantly USP. Few of these ideas can be further enrolled for incubation.

Competition was launched on Feb 24, 2021. Applications were accepted till Mar 20, 2021.

  • There were a total of 12 ideas presented of which 9 have been shortlisted.
  • Ideas were ranging from academic to tech services, platform based to app based implementations across fields like law, lifestyle, health and social well-being.
  • Mentors for each of these 9 shortlisted ideas were allotted as per the expertise to guide students in fine tuning the idea and introducing the practical challenges that one may come across.
  • Mentoring will be a continuous process however; best ideas accompanied with student’s passion to make their idea implementation a successful one will be registered for IFHE level ideation in the next cohort.
  • This competition will surely enhance entrepreneurial skills in the students and ultimately prompt in bringing out new start-ups and make them successful.

Bizspeaks Competition

Idea: Teams have been challenged against some practical issues in modern business world. Their solutions have been scored basing on the practicality, business environment factor analysis and extent of stake holders consideration. Date: 25th April 2021

1) Each team can have 4 members with a captain; captain will nominate his/her team mate for each of the rounds.
2) There were 3 mandatory rounds with equal weightage. Each round was adjudged by three judges.
Round 1: Operations round – A challenge on modern day automation and usage of technology in a restaurant was created and students were prompted to identify gaps and effects of the same.
Round 2: Marketing Round – A challenge on creating a marketing plan to increase the consumer base for an organic food product brand was presented to participants in this round.
Round 3: HR Round – An interesting scenario involving a marketing executive and HR of IT peripheral firm have been presented here as a challenge and participants were exceptional in bringing out some suggestions to clear the dilemma between two characters.
Round 4: Strategy Round – A unique problem would have been provided for an innovative solution comprising of all the functionalities of a modern business. This round was an optional round if faculty felt teams were close in scoring.
3) Teams were given 15 minutes to prepare for their solutions and 5 min to present the same.
4) Teams were asked to provide solutions in round robin fashion so as to give equal advantage of preparation times.

This competition was not just great in bringing out modern day solutions for modern day problems but also helped participants in understanding team dynamics where captains were assigning appropriate roles and nominating specific team members to present solutions for every round.

Winners & Runners:

Winning Team was awarded a cash prize of Rs 2000/- and Runner up Team was awarded a cash prize of Rs 1000/-

Students organize and participate in co-curricular, extra-curricular and FEST activities through different student clubs, such as sports and games, social, legal and cultural club on significant days of International and national importance. Students organize seminars on contemporary socio-legal issues.

Moot Court Society

Moot Court Society is a spinal cord of clinical education in law as it provides practical learning and on-job training. The Moot court society conducts competitions and selects the team of students. The wining team will be directed to participate in National / International Level Moot Court Competitions being organized by various Law Schools / Universities. It will be a platform for 360º learning of 21st century skillsets required for new generation lawyers who take challenges of complicated or composite nature of litigations cropping up in the current socio-legal and political environment.

ADR Club

In the present contemporary legal profession the alternative dispute resolution techniques have gained its unquestionable strata in providing quicker justice to the public in need. Considering the above fact the ICFAI Law School has initiated an ADR club being operated by the students under the guidance of a senior faculty to instill soft and hard skills. The ADR club promotes training in the fastest resolution methods in place of litigation and embodies various initiatives such as Client Counselling, Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiation skills and Online Dispute Resolution methods, which helps the students to improve the communication and oratory skills by conducting intra and inter University ADR competitions. Our students have won good number of National competitions and laid a path for success of forth coming students.

Debate Society (Vox Populi)

One of the important skills, required for of an Advocate is the skill of analysis of critical socio legal issues and preparing note and make presentation to the audience with his/her impressive debating skills. The Debate society of ICFAI Law School designed a specific program with a title ‘Vox - Populi’ and organized national level Asian Parliamentary Debate program for last few years. It is an unforgettable experience for the student and an opportunity for enriching the argumentative skillset. The past experience reveals that the students can learn and practice more legal debating techniques through this format.

Legal Aid Society

The Legal Aid clinics are the well-recognised tools to impart clinical legal education (practical teaching) to the students of law. The Legal Aid Society of ICFAI Law School has identified the need of the practical learning through legal aid programs to make the students more efficient and effective. The society has identified important areas of law where the students are required to educate the member of the society. The students are divided in to groups and each group will enlighten the public and also work against a social evils such as child labour, child marriage, dowry and child abuses and enlightens the prisoners, consumers, women and child rights etc.,

Literary Club

A Lawyer requires articulation and effective communication. In order to instill the soft skills of communication (oral and written) and supplement the existing core subjects of law, the ICFAI Law School has framed a Literacy Club. The Club train the students by for elocution, Essay writing, Quiz, Comprehension and precise writing. The story telling, skit writing, poster making and some of the activities associated with the literary club. The students intended to take part in these activities are supported by a faculty in charge and also group of students involved voluntarily.

Knight Rangers (Sports Club)

Knight Rangers, sports club encourage the students to participate in various games and sports events / competitions organized by various law schools / universities throughout India. Our students do have exceptional skills in cricket, football, basketball, throw ball and other individual events like shooting, archery, squash, shuttle, marathon and Trilithon activities. The Club conducts intra Law school and inter University sports and games competition. Opportunity is provided for the student to be a part of any one of the games / sports events and encourage them to lead the teams.

Mirakhi (Cultural Club)

The ‘Mirakhi’ a vibrant cultural club constituted to cull out the skills of acting, dancing, singing, mimicry, mime, mono action and Music vocal and instrumental (vocal and instrumental) etc., It encourages the students to explore the hidden fine art skills to refresh and rejuvenate their energies as a part of LEX KNOT. The ICFAI Law School facilitated a plat form for exhibiting the above skills not only annually the Mirakhi conducts and organizes competitions among the students of law and university on the aforesaid areas.

Student Editorial Committee

The students of ICFAI Law School have come up with novel idea of online bi-monthly magazine with a title ‘THE STUDENT’ The online magazine is totally managed and edited by the group of committed students having formed the Editorial Board they, have so far in the last ten months 6 online issues of the student magazine. It has given a platform for the students to show their talents in photography, poetry, interview skills and editing skills. The magazine contains columns like articles on contemporary issues, summary notes, legal updates, event reporting, legal maxims, and few others.

Environmental Club

The ICFAI Law School respects the nature and believes that human kind is a trustee of the mother earth, and also believes protection of environment is a fundamental duty of the citizen. As a part of social responsibility the law school has established an environmental club to inculcate the habit of keeping the surroundings clean, to promote the concept of Swatch Bharat, it has undertaken various activities of training the students such as waste management, educating the society about cleanliness and use of renewable energy etc., the club has undertaken various initiatives in the direction of “clean and green campus” model. The students also designed an eco-friendly dustbin with the help of waste paper material.