Student Code of Conduct

General Conduct Rules and Guidelines

While the students as adult citizens of the country enjoy their rights, they also are expected to be aware of their responsibilities. The institute will not support any act that is illegal as construed by the law of the land. As adults, the students are expected to have a fair sense of which act is legal and what is illegal. They should conduct themselves both inside and outside the institute in a manner that is befitting an institute of this stature. In addition to being mature and responsible in conduct, the students are expected to respect the rights of the other students of IBS community. The Institute encourages an all round development of students’ personality and their progressive and creative thinking. At the same time, in order that they effectively discharge civic responsibilities and virtues, the institute sets it’s own terms of conduct that must be adhered to by the students.

Disciplinary/Administrative Action

A student indulging in ragging can be subjected to :

Debarred from Classes
Debarred from Examinations
Cancellation of Admission
Initiation of criminal action