Teaching and Evaluation Methodology

ICFAI Law School encourages the students to acclimatize to the independent thinking and directs them towards creative, holistic and strong domain knowledge with excellent contemporary skill-sets and positive attitudes. ICFAI Law School has evolved a comprehensive learning approach consisting of several components

designed to add significant value to the learner's understanding in an integrated manner. The performance of students in each course is assessed by the teaching faculty by means of continuous evaluation throughout the semester in class work, periodical quizzes, tests, tutorials, laboratory work, seminars, homework, project work, mid-term examination and a comprehensive examination at the end of the semester. Students are thereby given a number of opportunities to exhibit themselves and be evaluated. ICFAI Law School encourages and rewards continuous and systematic study.

It provides a constant feedback to the students during the semester as to where they stand relative to their class, thus enabling them to cultivate regular habits of studying / learning and preparing for the future. Methods of evaluation have also been evolved in the Internship courses to take account of certain traits which do not surface in classroom education, like professional judgment, decision making ability, interdisciplinary approach, initiative, leadership, sense of responsibility, etc.

ICFAI Law School do not follow the conventional mode of a single final examination and numerical marks as the only absolute indication of the quality of students' performance.

ICFAI Law School allows several academic flexibilities in its education process, some of which includes the elective courses and honors courses. The decisions regarding flexibilities are generally guided by the principle of merit and preference of the student and the facilities available.

Students are permitted to repeat a course, at their own option, with a view to improve their grades any time before the completion of the program, provided the course is offered during the semester. Teaching at ICFAI Law School is an integrated learning and consists of the following components:

  • Classroom Instruction
  • Assignments
  • Moot Courts
  • Clinical Courses
  • Internet and Computer lab support
  • Immersion Workshops
  • Seminars / Workshops
  • Internships
  • Co-Curricular Activities
  • Court Visits