Welcome to the IFHE, Hyderabad
Welcome to the MA Program

There are many institutions / universities offering high quality postgraduate program in economics abroad. However, there are very few such institutions in India. Further there is significant demand for specialists in economics in emerging countries including India. In this context, the Faculty of Social Sciences offers two year residential program in MA (Financial Economics) at Hyderabad. The Faculty of Social Sciences is a constituent of IFHE. 


  • To equip students with sound knowledge of business and financial economics, with a view to improve their analytical and problem-solving skills.

  • To introduce students to new insights in the study of financial economics, with a view to develop critical and creative thinking skills.

  • To equip students with the tools and methods necessary for analysing firms, business, markets and strategies; understanding the determinants of financial market performance; evaluating financial decisions; and understanding the strengths and limitations of national and international regulatory frameworks.

  • To equip students with a competent understanding of research and data analysis methods, including modeling, estimation, use of statistical software packages, access to database, and data acquisition.


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