About the Conference

International Conference of Business and Finance (ICBF) is the flagship conference of ICFAI Business School (IBS) Hyderabad. Leveraging on its experience and contributions to management education in India; the brand image as a pioneer in professional certifications in Finance, Investment, and Risk Management in India; its established credentials in Case Research in Management, and its commitment to research excellence through its rigorous Ph.D. programme, IBS, Hyderabad has successfully conducted 14 editions of ICBF, since its inception in 2003. ICBF’ 2022 is the 15th edition organised during 27-29 January, 2022.

Since its first edition, the conference was organised in association with International Universities, like Philadelphia University, Oklahoma State University, and other prestigious Indian Research Organisations like Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Indian Institute of Capital Markets. The conference is well attended by Academicians, Professionals, Practitioners, and Research Scholars, from India and abroad.

ICBF believes in maintaining a broad theme “Contemporary and Future Trends in Business and Finance”, to encourage sharing of unconstrained research ideas from the individual domains of business and finance, as well as those in their interface.

Academicians, researchers, doctoral students, and practitioners are invited and encouraged to submit research papers related to the following sub-themes. Though not a strict rule, the conference encourages Conceptual/Empirical/Theoretical papers from academicians and research scholars, and Case Studies/White Papers/ Practice Papers from practitioners.

We invite papers from the broad areas of Business and Finance centered around, but not limited to, the following sub-themes:

  • Corporate finance including but not limited to capital structure, mergers and acquisitions, dividend payout policy
  • Corporate governance
  • Impact of Covid 19 on different sectors, business practices / financial system, etc.
  • Theoretical and empirical asset pricing – asset allocation and portfolio management
  • Market microstructure and algorithmic trading, exchange traded funds
  • Financial crises, systemic risk and macro-finance
  • Quality of financial reporting and adoption of IFRS
  • Fraud detection and forensic accounting
  • Real estate investment trusts
  • IPO & FPO Pricing and event studies
  • Corporate restructuring and structured finance
  • Crypto currencies
  • Islamic finance
  • Sustainable finance, green finance and green accounting
  • Computational finance and financial econometrics
  • Financial derivatives and risk management
  • Financial policy choice, institutions and regulation, microfinance institutions
  • Financial literacy and financial inclusion, investor perception
  • Financial Analytics
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Banking, Insurance / Reinsurance / Pension Funds
  • Commodity derivatives markets