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Center for Management Development (CMD)

Center for Management Development (CMD)

The case study method is a key component of the academic program at IBS, which is one of the few institutions in India that has made case studies a critical component of its curriculum.

In the era when continuous learning is integral to growth and development of the executives and organizations, The Center for Management Development (CMD) at IBS Hyderabad was established with the objective to partner with government agencies, corporate and academic organizations to impart executive education through management development programs.

The CMD is well poised and equipped to associate with the industry in imparting customized solutions for manpower training and development. These programs are organized at the IBS Campus (Situated about 30kms from Hyderabad city). IBS campus has dedicated and fully furnished executive rooms to accommodate the participants. Alternatively, programs are also conducted in preferred location of the client. We are also conducting MDPs Online.

IBS Hyderabad campus built in a 90-acre sprawling green area has the necessary soft and hard infrastructure like the fully equipped IT lab, library with access to top newspapers, magazines, journals and books, behavioral lab, comprehensive electronic databases, licensed software for conducting simulations and learning analytics. IBS Campus is known for diverse flora and fauna and is home to migratory birds during the season. IBS Campus has world class sports facilities which includes multiple courts for various indoor and outdoor games, well equipped gym along with cricket and football grounds. Executives also spend time in the Olympic sized swimming pool. Campus also has coworking areas where the executives meet, discuss and work on various assignments and presentations after the classroom sessions in an informal environment.

CMD draws its strength from a vast pool of 170 competent faculty members with research, industry and consulting experience across domains such as business analytics, Finance, Marketing, Operations, IT, Economics, Human Resources, Organization Behavior, strategy and leadership to name a few. We also draw expertise from IFHE family of Faculty of Law, Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Economics. This helps CMD to structure and provide comprehensive training in the area of evolving Regulations, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech and other areas of emerging technologies.

IBS Hyderabad adopts the popular case pedagogy approach, a globally accepted successful tool in Management Learning and Training, IBS faculty members are competent to draw upon the client’s needs through a detailed Training Need Analysis and customize programs depending on the level and hierarchy of the participating group/organization. Pedagogy and training material are finalized after assessing the client organization learning goals and expected performance outcomes. CMD also works with organizations to assess the results and impact of the training intervention on the performance of the participants and the organization.

The CMD has been instrumental and successful in providing an array of programs for the Private Sector executives, Bureaucrats, Government Institutions, Business Schools, Non- Profit Organizations and other organizations that sought its expertise and services.

Positive feedback and repeat programs from clients are a testimony to the growing demand from organizations for Management Development Programs being offered by IBS Hyderabad.

Open Programs

The faculty of IBS conducts open MDP Programs round the year. These programs are prior announced and are a part of the CMD Calendar. These programs are conducted in IBS Campus or in Hyderabad city office. These programs apart from learning also allows the executive to network and bond with fellow participants from industry.

In order to provide training to executives preferring online mode, CMD has come up with Online MDP Calendar where training is conducted through zoom/ meet/webex platform.

Title of the Program Program Director (s) Fee (INR) (Excluding GST) Dates
Deep Learning using Tensorflow

Dr. D. Srinivasa Rao 3000 June 18-19, 2024
Technical Analysis with R Dr. D. Srinivasa Rao 2000 Dec 19-20, 2023
Story Telling with Data Dr. Abhishek Sinha 3000 December 9-10
Finance for Non Finance Through Stories Dr. Abhishek Sinha 3000 September 16-17
Forensic accounting Dr. T. Sita Ramaiah 3000 Oct- 1-15
Equity Valuation for Coporates Dr. Jyoti Kumari 3000 June 6-7 2024
Qualitative Research Dr. Anitha 3000 5th April 2024
Effective Selling Skills Dr. Mukesh Kumar Mishra 4000 7th to 8th January, 2024
Product Management Toolkit Dr.Surjit Kumar Kar 4500 8-9 April 2024
Data Analytics & Business Consulting Dr.Surjit Kumar Kar 4500 15-16 April 2024
2 Days Workshop on Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) including Mediation, and Moderation Analyses with IBM AMOS Dr. Vikas Gautam & Dr. Saubhagya Bhalla 6000 12 - 13 April 2024
3 Days Workshop on Digital Marketing Dr. Rishi Dwesar 6000 22-24 February, 2024
2 Days workshop on Marketing for Non-marketing managers Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh 4000 8-9 March, 2024
Insights into Social Media & E-Commerce Marketing Strategies from a Business Perspective Dr. Souvik Roy 3000 6th April 2024
Design Thinking for Marketers Dr. Amar Raju 3000 20th April 2024
Data Analysis using SPSS Dr. Debajani Sahoo 4400 26-27April2024
Thematic Analysis using Atlas.ti software Dr. Debajani Sahoo 4500 20 April2024
Economics for Executives Dr. Subhendu Dutta 4000 12-13 April 2024
Analysing Economic Environment for effective Business Decisions Dr. Subhendu Dutta 4000 11-12 May 2024
Managing Risk in Banks and Financial Institutions Dr. Vighneswara Swamy INR 8000
[Discount of 10% for simultaneous registration of two or above in teams.]
18-19 May 2024
Foreign Exchange Markets and Strategies for Managing Currency Volatility Dr. Vighneswara Swamy INR 8000
[Discount of 10% for simultaneous registration of two or above in teams.]
25-26 May 2024
Measuring Economic Performance and Efficiency of Small Firms Dr. Vighneswara Swamy INR 8000
[Discount of 10% for simultaneous registration of two or above in teams.]
27-28 April 2024
Economic Thinking for Non-Economists Dr C S Shylajan INR 8000 January 6th & January 13, 2024
Economics for Journalists-How to Read and Report Economic & Financial Data Dr C S Shylajan & Dr Radhamohan INR 10000 April 5-6, 2024
Understanding Environment, Economics and Policy for Strategizing Sustainability Dr C S Shylajan INR 8000 April 26-27, 2024
Credit risk and ratings Analysis Rashmi Ranjan Paital and Aruna Kumar Dash Rs. 2000 16th Feb 2024
Calculation of Statistics for Hedge Fund Analysis Aruna Kumar Dash and Rashmi Ranjan Paital Rs. 2000 24th Jan 2024
Introduction to Operations Analytics Dr. J. Prince Vijai Rs. 5,000/- April 6, 2024
Operations & Analytics Edge Dr. J. Prince Vijai Rs. 10,000/- April 19-20, 2024
Introduction to Digital Operations Dr. J. Prince Vijai Rs. 5,000/- May 4, 2024
Digital Operations & Strategy Dr. J. Prince Vijai Rs. 10,000/- May 17-18, 2024
Quantitatives methods in new product development Dr.Sayan Chakraborty and Dr.Ajith Tom James Rs.1000/- January 6, 2024
Facility Management in Indian IT Sector-Current trends and targets with reference to reliability and operational effectiveness Dr.Ajith Tom James and Dr.Sayan Chakraborty Rs.3000/- January 20,2024
Introduction to project management Prof Sandeep Rs 5000/- January 6, 2024
Introduction to Multi-Criteria Decision Making Dr. Santosh Kumar Yadav Rs. 3000 March 16, 2024
Application of Multi-Criteria Decision Making Dr. Santosh Kumar Yadav Rs. 10,000/- March 22-23, 2024
Frontiers of Project Management Dr. Venkata Siva Gabbita Rs. 10,000/- Flexible
Designing your Service Operation Dr. Venkata Siva Gabbita Rs. 10,000/-  
Digital Mindfulness Dr. S. Raghavendra & Dr. Kalaa Chenji 7500/- 28 Jan 2024
Managing Creativity & Innovation Dr. Kalaa Chenji & Dr. S. Raghavendra 7500/- 2 Feb 2024
Design Thinking Dr. Yamini Meduri 10000/- 30 September 2023
Team Building & Conflict Management Dr. Mohd Abdul Nayeem & Dr. Niraj 8000/- 12-13 Oct 2023
Diversity Training and Gender sensitization Dr. Mohd Abdul Nayeem 7000/- 23-24 Nov 2023
Aligning HR Processes in VUCA World Dr. Mohd Abdul Nayeem 10000/- 13-15 Dec 2023
Basic Leadership Skills Dr. Akbar Jan, Dr. G. Ashok Kumar & Dr. Asha 7000/- Mar 4 - 5, 2024
Managerial Effectiveness Dr. Asha, Dr. Akbar Jan & Dr. G. Ashok Kumar 7000/- Apr 22 - 23, 2024
Mindful Leadership in the Workplace Dr. G. Ashok Kumar, Dr. Asha & Dr. Akbar Jan 7000/- May 13 - 14, 2024
Essentials of Qualitative Research (1 Day) Dr Musarrat Shaheen 5500/- 27th August, 2023
Analysing Qualitative Data with NVivo (1 Day) Dr Musarrat Shaheen 4400/- 23rd September, 2023
Analysing Qualitative Data with MAXQDA (1 Day) Dr Musarrat Shaheen 5400/- 25th November, 2023
Generative AI in HRM (1/2 Day) Dr Musarrat Shaheen 3900/- 2nd Sepetmber, 2023
Algorithmic HRM (1 Day) Dr Musarrat Shaheen 6500/- 10th December, 2023
Predictive and Prescriptive Workforce Analytics (2 Days) Dr Musarrat Shaheen 8500/- 4rth and 5th March, 2024
Developing HR Dashboards with Tableau (1 Day) Dr Musarrat Shaheen 4500/- 6th April, 2024
Developing HR Dashboards with PowerBI (1 Day) Dr Musarrat Shaheen 4500/- 20th April, 2024
Job Competency Mapping & Assessments (2 Days) Dr Musarrat Shaheen 10000/- 11th-12th May, 2024
The Code on Wages 2019 Dr. Showry 4000 18th Nov 2023
The code on Occupational Safety and health Code, 2020 Dr. Showry 4000 25th Nov 2023
The employee relations Code, 2020 Dr. Showry 4000 2nd Dec 2023
The Social Welfare code 2020 Dr. Showry 4000 9th Dec 2023
The Prevention of Sexual Harassment -2013 Dr. Viswanath & Dr. Showry 4000 18th April 2024
Emotional Intelligence at Workplace Dr Viswanath 9000 Sept 01-02, 2023
Unleashing Leadership Potential Dr Viswanath 3000 October 06, 2023
Mindfulness based Stress Reduction Dr Viswanath 3000 October 27, 2023
Mentoring & Coaching Skills for Leaders Dr Viswanath 5000 16th Nove 2023
Mindfulness for Cognitive Fitness Dr Viswanath 3000 24th Nov 2023
Accelerated Leadership Development Dr Viswanath 10000 27th November 2023
Intercultural Competence Prof. Mustakhusen S. M. 7000 October 19-21, 2023
Professional Writing Prof. Mustakhusen S. M. 7000 November 23-25, 2023
Effective Presentation Skills Prof. Mustakhusen S. M. 7000 December 14-16, 2023
Social Media Communication Prof. Mustakhusen S. M. 7000 January 18-20, 2024
Interpersonal Communication Prof. Mustakhusen S. M. 7000 February 22-24, 2024


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