The full-time Ph.D program is designed for students interested in management teaching, research and consultancy. The main objectives of the program are to:

  • Develop management teachers well equipped with the skills required for imparting education to business school students
  • Develop bright young academics with research skills to conduct research in contemporary issues in management.

The PhD. Program is rigorous and interdisciplinary. It is regularly updated, benchmarking the academic delivery against the best standards. The program has four phases, namely, Coursework, Qualifying Examination, Preparation of Thesis Proposal and Thesis Work & Submission of Thesis and can be completed in four years.

Prerequisite Courses

Candidates seeking admission for PhD possessing a post graduate degree in disciplines other than management (MBA) are required to attend the 16 courses of MBA program offered during Semester-1 and Semester-2 as well as the Business Strategy course as a prerequisite to proceed to the course work phase of the PhD Program. The candidate is also required to complete the 12 weeks summer internship program of MBA.

Course Work

The course work paves the way to develop Doctoral Thesis Work. The objective of the coursework is to impart scholarship and to equip the student with the latest developments in the discipline, including the tools of research. In the first year the student takes 8 courses of 4 credits each spread across two semesters. They consist of Seminar Courses, Inter disciplinary Courses, and Research Methods. Each course is allotted 33 classroom sessions of 1hour 15 minutes each. The number of hours of work to be put in by the student for a particular course depends upon the number of credits allotted for that course. A credit is a convenient unit which denotes the estimated time required to be put in by a student for the course during the week, including classroom sessions.

Summer Research Project (SRP)

Students will do a research project in their area of interest under the guidance of a mentor and will present a research seminar before he/she takes the Ph.D. qualifying exam. The objective of the Summer Research Project is to ensure that the student is exposed to research writing leading to a future publication.


Ph.D. Qualifying Examination

In the second year the students complete the Ph.D. qualifying examination. The qualifying examination tests the student’s knowledge in the prescribed areas and their ability to apply the same in research.

Thesis Proposal

Upon successful completion of the Qualifying Examination, the student should work for preparation of the Thesis proposal and defend the proposal at a seminar, prior to its submission, before the faculty members and fellow PhD students in the presence of the Doctoral Advisory Committee.

The student is expected to complete and submit the Research Proposal for PhD Thesis within two semesters of passing the Qualifying examination. Students are also expected to present at least one seminar per semester in their respective departments demonstrating their progress.

Thesis Work

Students defend their thesis proposals and start working on their Ph.D. thesis. They complete the Ph.D. thesis work in the fourth year.

The performance of the students in each stage is assessed by means of continuous evaluation throughout the semesters.


During the program, the students will be associated with the senior faculty members who are engaged in teaching, research, consultancy, and institutional development. The objective of the association is to ensure that each student is thoroughly exposed to all the nuances of teaching, research, consultancy and institutional development.

Visiting Scholar Program

After successful completion of Ph.D. qualifying examination, in the third year of the program the students are eligible to spend 5 months abroad under the Visiting Scholar Program on self-supported basis. The main objective of the VSP is to make sure that these candidates get exposure to the teaching and research environment in an international context.


All students (Pre-PhD) admitted into the first year of the MBA program will be given a fellowship of Rs. 20,000 (Rupees Twenty thousand only) per month and free on-campus accommodation.

All students admitted into the Full-time PhD program will be given a fellowship of Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand only) per month.

After passing the Ph.D qualifying examination, the students will be paid a fellowship of Rs. 35,000/- (Rupees Thirty Five Thousand only) per month till the student defends the thesis proposal.

Stipend of Rs. 40,000 (Rupees forty Thousand only) per month will be paid to the student, after successful defense of their thesis proposal and up to the completion of four years of Ph.D Program.

Stipend would be paid for only 48 months (4 years) from the date of commencement of the Program or till completion of Ph.D Program, whichever is earlier. In lieu of this fellowship, the students may be required to provide support for teaching / research / administrative activities of the University for up to 10 hours a week.

A professional development grant of Rs. 20,000 per annum is also given to the students for the four years, for attending conferences, workshops and seminars. On successful defense of the Ph.D thesis by the students, they can pursue their career in any organization of their choice. However, such candidates may also opt to apply to IFHE or any of its sponsor/ constituent/affiliate/associate organizations and their request may be considered for a position of faculty at a suitable pay package, under a separate offer of appointment based on their educational background, performance in the Ph.D Program and availability of vacancies.

Fee for Full-time Ph.D Program

The selected candidates have to pay an Admission fee of Rs.40,000. The Program fee is Rs. 60,000 per Semester. The Program fee is provided as financial assistance by IBS and is waived off, subject to meeting minimum academic requirements as specified by IBS.