Guest Lecture on Nuclear Energy and Related Research Opportunities in Science and Technology

By Dr. Goutam Dutta, Professor, IIT Jammu.
Venue: Auditorium, FST.
Date: 12th March 2024
Time : 3 pm to 5 pm

The talk provided an idea about the importance of nuclear energy from global and national perspectives. Beyond the normal perception, there is a need to ascertain nuclear energy's real pros and cons. Based on reality, we can identify the areas where nuclear energy provides definite scopes of improvement. Interdisciplinary research with detailed and comprehensive investigations is indispensable because any lax or compromise can attract disasters to humanity. Despite bans from all over the world for a significant period of high importance, India has not only developed the technology indigenously but also has created its own identity and made the country self-reliant and adequately strong. The talk ended with briefly describing the Indian nuclear power program, highlighting its innovative and unique features.