Report on Health and Hygiene Event by CWD at IFHE Hyderabad on 9th February, 2024

Date: 9th February 2024
Venue: Govt High School, Tangaturu and Govt High School, Poddatur

On the 9th of February 2024, the Center for Women Development (CWD) in association with IcfaiTech Hyderabad orchestrated a significant event focused on Health and Hygiene. The event, held at Govt High School, Tangaturu, Shankarpali, and Govt High School, Poddatur, Shankarapalli, targeted girl students ranging from 6th to 10th standard. The primary objective of the event was to equip these young girls with knowledge concerning crucial aspects of health and hygiene, addressing the lack of awareness prevalent in their demographic.

The event comprised various activities and sessions aimed at achieving its goals. Health education workshops were conducted, featuring speakers from CWD team who delved into topics such as nutrition, physical activity, and mental well-being. These sessions aimed to provide the girls with a comprehensive understanding of maintaining good health. Additionally, specialized sessions focused on personal hygiene, covering areas such as handwashing, dental care, and menstrual hygiene. Practical demonstrations and informative videos were utilized to enhance the engagement and effectiveness of these sessions. One notable aspect of the event was the inclusion of interactive Q&A sessions, encouraging students to actively participate by posing questions and sharing their concerns. This interactive approach facilitated a more personalized learning experience, addressing the specific needs and queries of the students. As a practical initiative, hygiene kits containing essential items like sanitary napkins were distributed to all participating students. This step aimed to ensure that the knowledge gained during the event could be immediately translated into practical actions.

The participation in the event was commendable, with enthusiastic involvement from the girl students of Govt High School, Tangaturu Shankarpallei and Govt High School, Poddatur, Shankarapalli. The engagement level was high, with students actively taking part in discussions and activities. The impact of the Health and Hygiene event was palpable as the students gained valuable insights into maintaining a healthy lifestyle and appreciated the practical tips provided. The distribution of hygiene kits further contributed to the immediate application of the knowledge gained.