NASSCOM Certification Achievement Report

In a dedicated pursuit of excellence, IFHE Hyderabad embarked on a transformative initiative by formalizing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NASSCOM. Guided by our esteemed director, Dr. K L Narayana, faculty members of the Faculty of Science and Technology (IcfaiTech) inspired students from various years and disciplines to enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to undertake certification programs provided by NASSCOM's Future Skills platform.

Over 1700 students, spanning from the first to the final year, enthusiastically participated in one or more certification courses, focusing on areas such as Acquiring Data, Exploratory Data Analysis, and Cybersecurity Analysis and Design. Remarkably, nearly 99% of the students achieved gold certification, reflecting the dedication and proficiency of the IcfaiTech community.

These certifications hold significant value for students, serving as tangible evidence of their acquired knowledge, skills, and learnings. Not only do these certifications distinguish them in the competitive job market, but they also serve as catalysts for expanding their future career opportunities. The formal recognition of their expertise through these certifications not only validates their capabilities but also positions them as standout candidates, poised to contribute meaningfully to their chosen fields.

Recognizing the exceptional commitment of IcfaiTech students, NASSCOM acknowledged the institution for orchestrating the fastest certification drive. The accolade was presented to Dr. K. L. Narayana, Director of IcfaiTech, during the NASSCOM annual event, NASTech 2023, held on November 21st in Hyderabad. This achievement stands as a testament to IcfaiTech, IFHE Hyderabad's commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and excellence.