National Startup Day celebrations 16th January, 2024

IcfaiTech Entrepreneurship Club organized a Session on "StartUp Symposium" on 16th January, 2024.
Speaker: Mr. M Karunakar Reddy (Chairman of Smaat India Pvt. Ltd)
Host / Anchor: Syed Adnan Aslam & Thaniska

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No. Of Participants: 180
No. of Faculty Participants: 15

Brief Description and Key Take-aways:

  • "Start-Up is not only a way of introducing ourselves into the business world or introducing an innovative product into the market, but a Start-Up can also be stated as enhancing the learning process and experience to reach one’s maximum potential, and perform in an efficient and unique manner." - Mr. M Karunakar Reddy

  • Students were briefly taught about Start-Up's and the main consequences faced by the entrepreneurs when they are introduced to the business market.

  • "All the StartUps need not to be consistent, that is, if a product is found to be useful during one particular period of time, that doesn’t imply that the requirement and consumption remains constant throughout every time period. So, sometimes it's better to turn down things or stop-overdoing it and do it in an organized manner." - Mr. M Karunakar Reddy

  • Health and Hazard impacts are the key most thing that should be considered in a StartUp or any Business Organisation. Providing an example of Aquafina, the speaker shared their experience from supporting the company to turning against the company as it doesn’t obey the Health and Hazard Regulations, and is considered to be harmful to nature.

  • A brief overview has been given on each and every key segment associated with StartUp including ethics and morals by Mr. M Karunakar Reddy.