Code Craft Challenge – On The Occasion Of National Youth Day Celebration 12th January, 2024

Introduction: On the occasion of National Youth Day, the Yantrikee Club organized a coding event named "Code Craft Challenge" on January 12, 2024. The event saw enthusiastic participation from 83 engineering students across all years. The competition aimed to foster coding skills and promote camaraderie among the participants.

The event attracted participants from all years of engineering. Notably, students from the first, second, and third years played a significant role in making the event a success.

The first prize was awarded to U. Praneeth, a talented coder from the second year. Praneeth demonstrated exceptional coding skills, earning him the top spot. The second prize went to Pramod, also a second-year student, who showcased commendable coding proficiency.

The winners were rewarded for their outstanding performance. U. Praneeth, the first prize winner, received a cash prize of ₹3000. Pramod, the second prize winner, was awarded ₹2000. These prizes served as recognition for their coding prowess and dedication.

Event Highlights:
The competition witnessed intense coding sessions, with participants showcasing their problem-solving abilities and creativity. The diversity in the participants' years reflected the inclusive nature of the event. The active participation of second and first-year students emphasized the potential and talent present in these budding coders.