Educational Processes at IcfaiTech

  • IcfaiTech follows semester system with continuous and Internal Evaluation. The educational programs are modular, flexible, and interdisciplinary in nature.
  • IcfaiTech operates educational programs at three tiers of education, namely, the integrated first degree programs, higher degree programs and the doctoral programs.
  • All three year and four years integrated first degree programs are designed with a broad based curriculum. Broad based structure ensures certain number of common courses to all the students who are pursuing different degree programs in engineering and science. The courses can be broadly grouped as Analysis Oriented Courses, Discipline Courses, Humanities and Social Sciences. This broad spectrum of courses enables the students to get a strong foundation in multi-disciplinary areas.
  • The major advantage of this commonality among all students provides easy professional linkage, communication and group activity, thereby ensuring best possible peer group learning. This broad based curriculum is further welded in stronger professional bond when students work as interns during the internship program or as members in a team working on time bound research and development projects.
  • This interdisciplinary nature of the courses offered is not just restricted to the first degree programs. This philosophy is also carried over to the higher degree programs and the doctoral programs as well.