Research Areas

Civil Engineering
  • Green Construction
  • Innovative Construction Materials
  • Infrastructure Engineering & Management
Computer Science & Engineering and Data Science & Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning and Image Processing (CNN, RNN)
  • Data Science-Focus on Content-Based Image and Video Retrieval, Object Tracking in Video Sequence, Mammogram Analysis and Interpretation, Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Internet of Things and Wireless Sensor Networks.
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer Networks, Cyber Security and Social Media Analytics.
  • Block Chain Technology
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
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Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • VLSI
  • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
  • IoT and Wireless Communication Networks
  • Power System and Control System
  • Product Design
  • Operations Research
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Fixed Point Theory
  • Commutative Algebra
  • Queuing Theory
  • Mathematical Modelling, Mathematical Physics.
  • Markov / Non-Markovian Analysis, and Stochastic Modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics.
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Mechatronics / Mechanical Engineering
  • Additive Manufacturing - Manufacturing of prototypes for mechanical engineering domain, fabrication of pre-planning surgical models for medical community (Orthopedic and Dental implants, Surgical planning, Drug delivery system etc) and develop Architecture models for civil and architectural engineering domains.
  • Machine Design - CAD Design models for manufacturing of Nano and micro machining components for aerospace applications using composite materials, Advance High Strength Steels etc.
  • Refrigeration - Simulation and Analysis of Vapour compression refrigeration system, Heat transfer analysis through HVAC nozzles, turbulence flow and modelling, solid cryogenic green propulsion system (IPRC 014) etc.
  • Robotics - Modeling, simulation, analysis and design of a controller for a robotic manipulator having five degree of freedom for lunar mission (VSSC), Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Expert Systems (ES) / Machine Learning (ML) in Mission operations, Development of end effectors for spacecraft berthing and sample retrieval etc.
  • Autonomous land and water vehicles, Intelligent control of dynamic systems, Robot Dynamic modelling and control, Automated robotic CAPP (Computer Aided Process Planning).
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Laser matter interaction (Experimental):

  • Imaging of laser induced shock waves from materials, time and spatially resolved spectral studies, laser ablation propulsion, filamentation, acoustic and radio frequency detection of shock waves.

Statistical Physics:

  • Applied Machine learning for fundamental science problems.
  • Boolean Algebra
  • Computational and experimental studies of driven granular materials.
  • Experimental studies of collisional properties of grains of various shapes and materials.
  • Experimental studies of granular solids.
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