Fee, Scholarships and Bank Loans ..

Payment Schedule

Applicants selected for the MCA Program of Faculty of Science and Technology, IFHE are required to pay the fee as follows.

Admission Fee

The Admission Fee of Rs.20,000 is payable on or before August 16, 2010.

Program Fee

The Program fee is Rs.75,000 per semester for 6 semesters. Students should pay the fee at the beginning of each semester, as per the due dates which will be indicated in the Student Handbook. The first semester fee is to be paid on or before August 28, 2010.

Caution Deposit

Students are required to pay a caution deposit of Rs.10,000 along with the first semester fee. This deposit is towards use of library books, computers, labs and other facilities. The caution deposit will be refunded without interest (and after adjusting for dues, if any) to the students on completion of the program.

Hostel and Mess Facilities

Faculty of Science and Technology provides hostel facilities (twin-sharing rooms) on campus to students pursuing the MCA Program. Students are encouraged to stay in the hostel (subject to availability). The hostel fee is Rs.2,000 per month per student. Mess charges are extra, as per the meal plan and on cost-sharing basis. Students are also required to pay a refundable hostel deposit of Rs.10,000 at the time of registration for Semester-I.

Laptop Computers

Students joining the MCA Program will be given laptop computers during the first semester of the Program.

Text Books

Students will be supplied with the prescribed textbooks at the commencement of each semester of the program.

Mode of Payment

Payments should be made by way of Demand Draft in favor of “IUCF A/c IFHE”, payable at Hyderabad.

Alumni Society Membership Fee

Students are required to pay an Alumni Society membership fee of Rs.10,000 payable along with the sixth semester fee.

Bank Loans

Banks provide educational loans to the applicants selected for the MCA Program of IFHE. Applicants are required to approach bank branches in their respective cities/ towns for educational loans.