Welcome to The MCA Program

The last two decades have witnessed major developments in the field of computers and information technology. The pace of new technical advances in the IT field has been strong and growing. IT is impacting all spheres of business activities all over the globe. There is a growing need for trained IT professionals who can understand the dynamic needs of business and design appropriate IT systems.

The burgeoning IT industry has already had enormous impact on sectors like trade, commerce, manufacturing, business, services and government. Current developments in the IT industry indicate that the pace of change will be accelerating in the coming years.

Professionals trained in IT and computer applications will find themselves in a variety of environments in private, business organizations, government, industry, research and academia-analyzing problems, developing solutions, formulating and testing, using advanced communications or multimedia systems, or working in teams for product development. Success in IT field demands a life-long commitment to learning and practice.

In this context, Faculty of Science and Technology, IFHE (a deemed-to-be University) offers the 3 year, full-time, campus based MCA program which is designed for aspiring IT professionals to provide the latest knowledge and skills in the field of computer applications. The program is a blend of classroom teaching and hands-on training in computer lab, handling live projects, summer internship, on-the-job training in companies with guidance from experienced faculty to impart both theory and practical knowledge to students. The program encourages students to deepen their understanding of IT and computer applications.

We invite all those who share our vision, goals and purpose to join hands in our effort to build a new cadre of IT professionals who can work anywhere in the world.

Admissions Committee (MCA),
Faculty of Science & Technology
IFHE, Hyderabad