Summer Internships

For the development of institutionalized linkages with industry, unique Internship Programs are offered.

The Internship Programs ensure that linkages are developed and sustained with industrial and other organizations outside the world of academia. They serve as a formal method within the curriculum, to bring the realities of the world of work into the educational process.

The Programs require that the students undergo the rigors of the professional world in form as well as in substance, and provide them with an opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to live situations. They differ from “Practical Training” as well as “Sandwich Schemes” in that the entire student education during the Internship Programs is supervised by faculty and forms a part of the students’ total credits toward their degree.

Internship Program (IP)

Internship Program will be of five and a half months duration, implemented in either the VII Semester or the VIII Semester, during the final year.

The Internship Programs offer several benefits to all the three partners in the conduct of the programs, namely., the students, the external organization, and the Institute:

Benefits to the Students
  • Opportunity to work on real-life problems in actual working conditions
  • Development of useful work-related skills
  • Enhanced placement opportunities
  • Opportunity to earn while learning.
Benefits to the Faculty
  • Meaningful case studies and research problems.
  • First hand Exposure to Industry problems.
  • Enables him/her to make the teaching content richer.
  • Enables him/her to identify research areas that are industry relevant
Benefits to the Industry
  • Employers get an opportunity to observe the personality traits before they are hired.
  • The interns need not be paid as much as a regular employee.
  • Routine issues faced by the industry can be handled by interns.
  • Industry can utilize our faculty expertise.
Benefits to the External Organization
  • Value addition through the participation of students and the faculty in project work directly relevant to the organization
  • Direct contribution to industrial productivity
  • Direct access to expertise available with the Institute
  • Access to students who work as temporary employees of the organization.
Benefits to the Institute
  • Benefits to the Faculty
  • Industry-Academia connect increases.
  • Internshipissupportiveandcomplimentary to the placement activity of the Institute.
  • Get access to industrial problems and thereby consulting opportunity for the faculty

Companies where Internship was offered (an indicative list)
  • Ahex Technologies
  • Avantel
  • Axis
  • Aerospace Instrumentation
  • CDAC
  • CMC
  • CSIO
  • Dark Horse
  • Deep Sea
  • Divami Software
  • DLRL
  • DRDO
  • Eqic Dies & Moulds
  • Future Tech
  • General Motors
  • HBL
  • IIT Hyderabad
  • Intelli Compute
  • Intralogics
  • Kun United
  • Kwality Photonics
  • Magna Infotech
  • Mediquip
  • Mungi
  • NCC Urban
  • NGE Services
  • NIC
  • Nuclear Fuel Complex
  • Polaris
  • Priyadarshini Ad Agency
  • Qualcomm
  • Ramky
  • Saketh Engineers
  • Salzgitter Hydraulics
  • Schneider Electric
  • SERC
  • Sevya Multimedia
  • SMR Holdings
  • Snyxius Technologies
  • STUP Consultants
  • Tata Motors
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Tresbu Technologies
  • Verity Knowledge Solution
  • Virtusa
  • VRL Automations
  • Win Tools India