Internships are, by nature, designed to give a professional working experience to students where they get to apply their knowledge to learning skills needed by the industry. The industry too participates in the exercise with academia in order to develop industry-ready professionals.

    Externships are also meant to more-or-less provide a similar experience. However, the emphasis is more on connecting with innovation and startups and their unique world. Externs shall spend their time to work on small sections of problems which established startups or innovators in industry may require support with. These small sections of problems by themselves may be a part of a larger project. Nevertheless, by their nature they require a focused and dedicated approach for only a limited period of time, with meager financial and workforce allocation.

    While these constraints may be an issue for innovators and startups, student externs become an excellent choice for tackling these types of problems. The concept is itself designed to give a platform for those students who are fired by the zeal to learn, adapt and perform. The innovators get someone to attend to these small, nugget-sized problems while simultaneously the student externs obtain an excellent opportunity to get a ring-side view of contemporary techniques and technologies by tasting the world of innovators and entrepreneurs. It is a win-win situation for both parties and could possibly be an excellent pipe-line to feed our incubators with enthusiastic innovators and entrepreneurs.

    IFHE’s IIC actively encourages industry innovators and startups who wish to collaborate with us and provide externship opportunities for our students. With its nationally and internationally acclaimed curriculum and teaching faculty imparting top-rated training to the students, IFHE is a one-stop source for providing student externs in the domains of:
    • Business, Management and Finance
    • Legal, Regulatory and Compliance
    • Science, Engineering and Technology.
    If interested in collaborating with us in this unique initiative, please contact us at innovations@ifheindia.org

    Externship offers:  Externship offers are posted all through the year. If you are a student of IFHE looking to apply for any of the externship opportunities currently available, please CLICK HERE