IRSSM, the International Research Symposium on Service Management, was established 13 years ago with a visionary goal: “To create a mechanism for promoting service research as a global discipline.” This esteemed forum was founded by Prof. Jay Kandampully of The Ohio State University in the USA. IRSSM serves as a platform that unites scholars and practitioners from various disciplines and countries, offering them a unique opportunity to exchange and learn about the latest theories and practices in the dynamic service-based economies. The overarching aim of this forum is “To create a compassionate research environment.” At IRSSM, we firmly believe that nurturing the next generation of scholars who are new to the service discipline is just as important, if not more so, than individual success. Consequently, our primary focus has been on providing scholars, practitioners, and students with scientific guidance and support to conduct cutting-edge research. Prof. Kandampully emphasizes that global progress originates from the desire to assist one another, which is the true essence of service, while extending one’s capabilities on a global scale. He believes that knowledge alone cannot transform others, but when knowledge is shared with compassion, it has the power to do so. IRSSM’s core belief is in fostering a collective focus to contribute to the transformation of others.

About Prof. Jay Kandampully

Prof. Jay Kandampully is a distinguished academic specializing in Service Management and holds a professorship at The Ohio State University, USA. He also holds the esteemed position of CTF International Fellow at the University of Karlstad, Sweden, and an International Fellow at the University of Namur, Belgium. Moreover, he serves as a visiting professor at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy, and Furtwangen University, Germany.

Prof. Kandampully currently holds the position of Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Service Management (JOSM) and is a member of the editorial advisory board for ten reputable international journals. Among his notable publications, Prof. Kandampully is the co-author of the recent book titled “Service Management Principles for Hospitality and Tourism,” in collaboration with David Solnet. He is also renowned as the author of the best-selling textbook “Services Management: The New Paradigm in Hospitality” and the lead editor of the book “Service Quality Management.” He has further enriched the academic landscape as the editor of several influential books. In addition to his extensive editorial and authorial work, Prof. Kandampully has authored over 130 articles centered around the realms of service management, marketing, service brands, and service innovations.

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