Objectives of Academic Staff College

  • To impart training to teachers to evolve them into inspiring teachers.

  • To induct the newly placed teachers by providing inputs on policies, practices and procedures of the university.

  • To enhance the research capabilities of teachers and scholars by inculcating sound research methodology.

  • To expose teachers to the information communication technologies (ICT) to make them effective in academic delivery.

  • To train non-teaching staff to improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

  • To nurture leadership capabilities of the teachers and non-teachers to prepare them for future responsibilities.

In furtherance of these objectives, the Staff College would undertake following activities/programs:

  • Orientation programs and refresher courses for current teachers.

  • Specially designed programs on innovative pedagogies for effective teaching.

  • Training programs for the university administrators to enhance administrative skills, inter-personal skills, managerial skills, employee relationship management, statutory compliances, etc.

  • Training programs on application oriented teaching-learning processes.

  • Training programs on undertaking industrial consultancy works.

  • Workshop on use of web-based interactive teaching models.

  • Workshops on academic management.

  • Workshops on case teaching.

  • Workshops on case writing.

  • Workshops on conducting successful management development programs.

  • Workshops on preparation of project reports for funding.

  • Workshops on research methodology and research skills.

  • Workshops on teaching skills.

Any other activity/programs which helps in the furtherance of these objectives.