BA-LLB (Hons.) Program

The ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad offers 5 year Integrated BA-LLB (Hons.) Law Program. Students apart from getting enriched with law subjects are also exposed to various Arts disciplines. The Program consists of 56 courses in law and arts, 6 law electives and 8 law Honors electives. There are 5 legal internships, one at the end of each year.


  • Pass in Class XII or equivalent with an aggregate of 50% and above marks in single attempt (any discipline) in English medium. Class XII (or equivalent) students who appeared for their final examinations before July 01, 2024 and awaiting results are also eligible to apply.
  • Should have qualified in ILSAT 2024 conducted by ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad


Age should not be more than 21 years as on the date of admission. However, the changes if any made to age limitation by the Bar Council of India from time to time will be followed


Program Structure

Year Course # Semester I Credits Course # Semester II Credits
First Year AT111 Business English/ Legal Language and Legal Writing/ Functional English 3 AT112 Business Environment / Contemporary Business Practices / Law and Social Changes 3
AT121 Sociology - I 3 AT122 Sociology - II 3
AT131 Micro Economics 3 AT132 Macro Economics 3
AT141 IT Applications / IT for Lawyers /
IT Systems & Analytics
3 AT142 Political Science - II 3
AT151 Political Science - I 3 LL152 Special Contracts 4
LL161 General Principles of Contract 4 LL162 Law of Torts and Consumer Protection 4
LL171 Jurisprudence and Interpretation of Statutes 4 LC172 Clinical Course - I (Moot Court) 2
  LI182 Legal Internship Program-I 4
  Semester III Semester IV
Second Year AT211 Introduction to Psychology 3 AT212 Indian Penal Code - II 4
AT221 Political Science - III 3 AT222 Foreign Language (German / Spanish / French) 3
AT231 Indian Economy 3 AT232 Introduction to Philosophy 3
LL241 Indian Penal Code - I 4 LL242 Law of Evidence 4
LL251 Constitutional Law - I 4 LL252 Constitutional Law - II 4
LL261 Family Law - I 4 LL262 Family Law - II 4
LC271 Clinical Course - II (Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing) 2 LC272 Clinical Course - III (Professional Ethics, Accounting for Lawyers and Bar-Bench Relations) 2
  LI 282 Legal Internship Program-II 4
  Semester V Semester VI
Third Year AT311 Social Work 3 AT312 Rural Development and Law 3
AT321 Indian Heritage and Culture 3 AT322 Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Skill Development 3
LL331 Law of Property and Easement 4 LL332 Company Law - I 4
LL341 Intellectual Property Rights 4 LL342 Criminal Procedure Code 4
LL351 Civil Procedure Code and Law of Limitation 4 LL352 Administrative Law 4
LL361 Industrial and Labour Laws - I 4 LL362 Industrial and Labour Laws - II 4
LL371 Alternative Dispute Resolution 4 LC372 Clinical Course - IV (ADR) 2
  LI 382 Legal Internship Program-III 4
  Semester VII Semester VIII
Fourth Year LL411 Company Law - II 4 AT412 Administration of Natural Resources 4
LL421 Land Laws 4 LL422 Mergers and Acquisitions 4
LL431 Public International Law 4 LL432 Cyber Law 4
LL441 Environmental Law 4 LL442 Forensics 4
  Elective - I 3   Elective - IV 3
  Elective - II 3   Elective - V 3
  Elective - III 3   Elective - VI 3
  LI 482 Legal Internship Program-IV 4
  Semester IX Semester X
Fifth Year LL511 Law of Securities and Investment 4 LL512 Human Rights and Humanitarian Law 4
LL521 International Trade Law 4 LL522 Law of Medicine and Health 4
LL531 Tax Laws - I 4 LL532 Tax Laws - II 4
  Honors Course - I 3   Honors Course - V 3
  Honors Course - II 3   Honors Course - VI 3
  Honors Course - III 3   Honors Course - VII 3
  Honors Course - IV 3   Honors Course - VIII 3
  LI 582 Legal Internship Program-V 4

The program structure is tentative and subject to change (if required)

  Elective - I (Law and Society)   Elective - II (Law and Economy)
LE411 NGOs and Law LE414 Economic Policy and Sustainable Development
LE412 Population, Public Health and Law LE415 Law on Investment and Disinvestment
LE413 Law on Food Safety and Security LE416 Law on Infrastructure Development
  Elective - III (International Law)   Elective - IV (Law and Agriculture)
LE417      Private International Law LE421 Farmers and Breeders Rights
LE418 International Criminal Law and International Criminal Court LE422 Law on Micro-finance and Micro-insurance
LE419 International Dispute Resolutions LE423 Real Estate and Infrastructure Laws
  Elective - V (Crimes & Criminology)   Elective - VI (Constitutional Law)
LE424 Criminal Psychology LE427 Gender Justice
LE425      Investigation and Criminal Prosecution LE428 Media Law
LE426 Forensic Accounting LE429 Law and Justice in a Globalised world

  Constitutional Law   Alternative Dispute Resolution
LH511 Legal and Constitutional History of India LH521 Negotiation and Mediation
LH512 Comparative Constitutional Law - US, India and UK LH522 Conciliation and Arbitration
LH513 Local Self-Governments, Gram Panchayat and Municipal Administration LH523 International Arbitration
LH514 Law of Education LH524 Lok Pal and Lok Ayukta
LH515 Right to Information and Law LH525 Online Dispute Resolution
LH516 Legislative Drafting LH526 Ombudsman System
LH517 Indian Federalism and Judicial Independence LH527 International Institutions and Grievance Redressal Mechanism
LH518 Freedom of Trade and Commerce LH528 Family Dispute Resolution
  International Law   Intellectual Property Rights
LH531 Law relating to Regional Trade Agreements LH541 International Regime of IPR
LH532 Trans-boundary Exports, Imports and Anti-dumping Laws LH542 Copyright Law
LH533 WTO LH543 Law of Patents
LH534 Maritime Law LH544 Law of Trademarks and Service Marks
LH535 Law of the Aviation LH545 Traditional Knowledge, GI and Farmer Rights
LH536 International Environmental Law LH546 Intellectual Property: Industrial Designs
LH537 International Labor Organization and Labor Law LH547 IPR Valuation and Management
LH538 International Criminal Law and Criminal Court LH548 IPR Protections and Technology
  Cyber and Data Protection Laws   Criminal Law
LH551 Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Law & Regulations LH561 Criminology and Penology
LH552 Cyber Crimes LH562 Policing and Police Administration
LH553 E-Commerce and Law LH563 Crimes against Women and Children
LH554 Data Privacy and Protection Law LH564 Victimology
LH555 Block Chain and Crypto Currency: Legal Analytics LH565 Prison Jurisprudence and Correctional Administration
LH556 Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics LH566 Comparative Criminal Procedure
LH557 E-Governance and Judicial Administration LH567 Restorative Justice
LH558 Emerging Technologies Related Concepts and Law LH568 Economic Crimes

The program structure is tentative and subject to change (if required)