A Five-Day Online Faculty Development Program on Advancements in Speech and Natural Language Processing

( 21st - 25th Feburary 2022 )

Call for Registration and Participation


Dr. P. Pavan Kumar
Dr. B. Deevena Raju

Organized by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, DS & AI IcfaiTech Hyderabad-501203


Speech Processing and Natural language processing (NLP) is a widely used technology for personal assistants that are used in various business fields/areas. This technology works on the speech provided by the user, breaks it down for proper understanding and processes accordingly. This is a very recent and effective approach due to which it has a really high demand in today’s market. Speech and Natural Language Processing is an upcoming field where already many transitions such as compatibility with smart devices, interactive talks with a human have been made possible. The need for automation is never ending courtesy of the amount of work required to be done these days. Speech Processing and NLP is a very favorable, but aspect when it comes to automated applications. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a field that combines computer science, linguistics, and machine learning to study how computers and humans communicate in natural language. The goal of Speech Processing and NLP is for computers to be able to interpret and generate human language.


The objective of this Faculty Development Program (FDP) is to acclimatize the faculties and researchers with emerging trends of the Natural Language Processing and Speech Processing by promoting their interactions with eminent speakers and experts from IITs, NITs, industries and premium institution of abroad. The sessions will include various case studies and hands on presentation of innovative applications in the field of Natural Language Processing and Speech Processing. Additionally, FDP will also help the faculties and researchers to inculcate different idea in their teaching and research by attaining the knowledge of the various facets of the Natural Language Processing and Speech Processing.

Resource Persons

Eminent personalities and experts from IITs, NITs, IIITs, and renowned Indian and foreign universities will be delivering the lectures. Also, faculty from the department of Computer Science and Engineering at IcfaiTech, Hyderabad will be the resource persons. FDP cover complete understanding of Natural Language Computing and Speech Processing concepts with theory and hands on session.

Course Content

Speech Processing from Basics to Recent Trends. Natural Language Processing: Foundations to Frontiers. Automatic Speech Recognition, Acoustic Modelling, Language

Modelling and its Application. Spoofing Attacks for Automatic Speaker Verification (ASV): Analysis and Countermeasures

Generative Adversarial Networks (Gans) for Speech Technology

Speech Production-Perception Link: Linear vs Nonlinear Aspects

Speech Data Analysis Methods Deep Learning Techniques in ASR and Speaker Verification. Hands-On Session to Build ASR and Speaker Verification System in Kaldi Toolkit and MATLAB


Registration to the FDP program can be done by filling in the details using the link as appended below.

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The FDP program will be offered in an online mode and is limited to 100 participants. A digital participation certificate will be provided to the participants attending all the sessions. The link for attending the online sessions will be shared after completing the registration.

Personnel with basic knowledge in the core subjects

Registration is open to

  • Faculty Members
  • Research Scholars and
  • Personnel with basic knowledge in the core subjects

Last Date for Registration

14th Feb, 2022

Registration Fee

Category of participants Registration Fee
Faculty Members ₹ 100
ICFAI group of institutions including IFHE and Alumni ₹ 100
Research Scholars ₹ 50

Registration fee need to be remitted through On-line, the processes is given below

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FDP Coordinators

Dr. P. Pavan Kumar
Assistant Professor
Department of DS&AI
ICFAI Tech, IFHE Hyderabad
Ph. No.: +91 8977140144
Email: pavanpk@ifheindia.org

Dr. B. Deevena Raju
Assistant Professor
Department of DS&AI
ICFAI Tech, IFHE Hyderabad
Ph. No.: +91 6305282118
Email: deevenaraju@ifheindia.org