Doctoral Degree Programs

IcfaiTech offers Doctoral Program in the areas of Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology. The Ph.D program is rigorous, multidisciplinary and broad in scope. Students are provided research training, encouraged to attend conferences and publish their research work leading to a highly skilled and independent researcher. The program has four phases, namely Course work, Qualifying Examination, Preparation defense of Research Proposal and Thesis work & Submission.

  • Ph.D (Full-time/Part-time) (Sciences - Maths, Physics, Chemistry)
  • Ph.D (Full-time/Part-time) (Engineering & Technology - CE, CSE, ECE, ME, )
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Last date for submission of completed application

21st August 2022

IcfaiTech RAPT- 2022

26th September 2022

Announcement of admission offers to candidates based on GATE score / IcfaiTech RAPT- 2022

20th  October 2022

Reporting date to campus, payment of tuition fee and caution deposit

31st  October 2022


30th  - 31st    October 2022

Registration for Semester-I

01st  November 2022

Commencement of classes

02nd November 2022

Late Registration

10th November 2022

Financial Assistantship

Candidates admitted into the Ph.D program are given generous financial support. The support is in the form of Research Assistantship (RA)/Teaching Assistantship (TA). The maximum financial support in the form of TA/RA is Rs. 40,000/- per month. There is also a possibility that the candidate may be offered half assistantship. Candidates who are offered full/half assistantship have to put in 20 hrs/10hrs of workload per week for the institute respectively. Continuation of the assistantship is subject to review every semester. Read More

Fees Waiver

Deserving candidates may be given fee waiver. This will be decided by the admissions committee at the time of interview.