B.Tech, B.Sc., & BCA Programs

During the first two years of the integrated first degree programs at IcfaiTech the student is exposed to the areas of Basic Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Computer Programming, Engineering Sciences and proficiency in the English language along with a strong foundation in Mathematics. These courses equip the students with technical and analytical skills required for higher level courses, negotiation and communication skills vital for professional life, and helps in shaping his/her overall personality. Internship I, offered after the IV semester, for a period of two months, develops the cognitive skills of the student and familiarizes the student of the organizational structure of the companies in real world. In the third year of the program, discipline courses are offered. A good blend of contemporary and traditional courses has been included keeping in mind the academic needs and the employability of students. In the final semester of the program, the student can opt for a variety of elective courses not only from the stream which he/she belongs to but also from the other engineering branches. This enhances the student’s prospects for higher education and also improves their employability prospects. Read More


Three Year Programs

  • B.Sc. Data Analytics
  • B.Sc. Computer Science
  • B.Sc. Physics
  • B.Sc. Mathematics
  • BCA

Four Year Programs

  • B.Tech in Civil Engineering (CE)
  • B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)
  • B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering cum Information Technology (CSE-IT)
  • B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering cum Artificial Intelligence (CSE-AI )

  • B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering cum Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (CSE–AI & ML)
  • B.Tech in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (DS & AI)
  • B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)
  • B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  • B.Tech in Mechatronics System

Admission Modalities for First Degree (B.Tech, B.Sc, BCA) Programs

Admissions are made purely on merit, on an all India basis, for all the programs offered at IcfaiTech. The merit position of the candidate will be based on the percentile score obtained by the candidate in Admission Test for IcfaiTech (ATIT), conducted by IcfaiTech, Hyderabad. The medium of instruction for all the programs at IcfaiTech is English. The final selection of a candidate is based entirely on merit, his/her preferences, facilities and availability of seats.

Admission into the Integrated First Degree Programs for the Academic Year 2023-24 will be conducted in two Phases:

Reporting Process for Admission

  • Reporting Date for Admissions at IcfaiTech is on 17 July, 2023.
  • Submission of Original Certificates: All successful candidates will have to submit relevant certificates (Class X and Class XII Mark Sheets, Birth Certificate, Transfer/Migration Certificate and Completion Certificate of the qualifying examination from the respective board on 17 September, 2023 at IcfaiTech campus. The original certificates will be returned to the applicants by 30 September, 2023 after complete verification.
  • Medical Examination: All students who have taken admission need to undergo medical examination in the University campus on 17 July, 2023.
  • Accommodation and Transportation: Limited hostel rooms are available at the campus. Day scholars can avail bus facility from City to IFHE Campus on payment basis.

Eligibility for Admission

  • B.Sc. Data Analytics Program: Pass with 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA in Class XI
  • B.Sc. Computer Science: Pass with 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA in Class XI
  • B.Sc. Physics: Pass with 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA in Class XI
  • B.Sc. Mathematics: Pass with 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA in Class XI
  • Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA): Pass with 50% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA in Class XII
  • B.Tech. Programs: Pass with 60% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA in Class XII with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English as subjects. Candidates who are appearing for Class XII (or its equivalent) can apply for admission. All these candidates should submit the certificates of the qualifying examinations at the time of the admission.
  • Admission to B.Tech. and B.Sc. Programs under Lateral Entry Scheme: To seek admission into first degree programs through lateral entry scheme, candidate must fulfill any one of the following conditions.
  • Candidates must have passed two years Diploma/Polytechnic after class XII or three years Diploma/Polytechnic after class X in the relevant subjects with 60% aggregate marks or equivalent CGPA are eligible for the Advanced Standing Admissions in the respective disciplines of B.Tech. Such candidates can be admitted in the second year of B.Tech. Programs. The candidate shall clear the prerequisite courses of the first year along with the second-year courses.
  • Candidates who have appeared in the qualifying Diploma examination but their result is awaited, can also apply. However, the candidates should submit the certificate in support of clearing the examination on the date of admission.

    Candidates fulfilling the above-mentioned eligibility criteria can appear for ATIT 2023 and are required to submit application form on or before 15 May, 2023 (Monday).

Admission Calendar



Reporting for Admissions

17 July, 2023

Deeksharambh (Immersion Program)

20 July to 02 August, 2023

Academic registration

03 August, 2023

*ATIT 2023 is conducted for one week in order to avoid clash with other entrance examinations such as AP/TS EAMCET, IIT-JEE Mains etc.

Note: Candidates, from the confirmed and waiting list, who do not pay the admission fee by 30 June, 2023 will forfeit the right of admission to IcfaiTech programs. Accordingly, their names will be removed from the admission pool. While vacancies caused by the candidates, who did not pay the fee by 30 June, 2023, sliding operation shall be effective and which will be explained later.

Application Fee:

Students have to pay the program fee at the beginning of each semester, as per the due dates mentioned in the table below.

Fee payment details for B.Tech, B.Sc. and BCA programs

Deadline for Fee Payment
Payment Due Date Amount (Rs.) Particulars
B.Tech Programs B.Sc. / BCA
30 June 2023 20,000 10,000 Admission Fee (One Time)
17 July 2023 10,000 10,000 Caution Deposit (Refundable at the end of the program)
17 July 2023 1,25,000 # 40,000 + 10,000* # Program Fee of B.Sc. Data Analytics / B.Sc. Computer Science / B.Sc. Mathematics / B.Sc. Physics and BCA for Semester I
* Academic Banking Credit (ABC) fee (Non-refundable) for B.Sc. Data Analytics program

Fee Structure

Students have to pay the below given program fee at the beginning of each semester.

Program Program Fee (Rs. ) (Per Semester) Total Program Fee (Rs.) (Excluding Admission Fee, Caution Deposit, and #Academic Banking Credit Fee)
B.Sc. Computer Science / B.Sc. Mathematics / B.Sc. Physics / BCA (3 Years) 40,000 2,40,000
B.Sc. Data Analytics 40,000 2,50,000*
B.Tech (4 Years) 1,25,000 10,00,000

Caution Deposit: All students are required to pay a caution deposit of Rs. 10,000 along with the first semester fee. The caution deposit will be refunded without interest after adjusting for dues, if any, to students on completion of the program.

Due Date Fee Particulars 4 year B.Tech programs 3 year B.Sc. / BCA programs
Amount (₹)
30 June 2023 Admission Fee 20,000 10,000

17 July 2023

Program Fee of Semester I 1,25,000 40,000
Caution Deposit (Refundable) 10,000 10,000
Academic Banking Credit Fee* -NIL- 10,000*
23 December, 2023 Program Fee — Semester II 1,25,000 40,000
21 July, 2024 Program Fee — Semester III 1,25,000 40,000
22 December, 2024 Program Fee — Semester IV 1,25,000 40,000
19 July, 2025 Program Fee — Semester V 1,25,000 40,000
20 December, 2025 Program Fee — Semester VI 1,25,000 40,000
25 July, 2026 Program Fee — Semester VII 1,25,000 -
19 December, 2026 Program Fee — Semester VIII 1,25,000 -


10,30,000 2,60, 000 / 2,70,000*

* B.Sc Data Analytics program.

Hostel Fee:


Amount (Rs.)

Hostel Security Deposit (Refundable)


Mess Deposit


Hostel Accommodation per Semester


Note: Payment of fee by means of Cheque and cash are not accepted. Program Fee and Hostel Fee are to be paid on or before due dates indicated above in the form of Account payee Bank Demand Draft drawn on any nationalized bank in favor of “IFHE-Fee Collection A/c B.Tech 2023” (for B.Tech.), “IFHE-Fee Collection A/c B. Sc. 2023” (for B.Sc.) “IFHE-Fee Collection A/c BCA 2023” (for BCA), payable at Hyderabad.

Merit Scholarships

S.No. Program Percentage (%)
achieved in qualifying
(10+2 or equivalent)
Amount of merit scholarship in the
I semester and to be adjusted in the
I semester fee in (percentage) (Rs.)
1. B. Tech. (4 years) ≥ 95 1,25,000 (100%)
≥90 to <95 1,00,000 (80%)
≥ 85 to <90 75,000 (60%)
≥80 to < 85 50,000 (40%)
≥75 to <80 25,000 (20%)
2. B.Sc. Computer Science,
B.Sc. Data Analytics,
B.Sc. Mathamathics,
B.Sc. Physics and BCA
≥ 90 40,000(100%)
≥ 80 to <90 32,000 (80%)
≥70 to < 80 24,000 (60%)
≥60 to <70 16,000 (40%)
≥55 to <60 8,000 (20%)

For the consecutive semesters, the following is the break up for availing/ continuing the Merit Scholarship.

Merit scholarship based on semester wise performance shall be provided in the subsequent semester based on the academic performance of the previous semester. Scholarship amounts are calculated as per the scheme given below.

Academic Performance (CGPA) Category I
≥ 9.00
Category II
≥ 8.50 - 9.00
Category III
≥ 8.00 - < 8.50
Percentage of semester fee offered as merit scholarship 30% 22% 15%
Academic Performance (CGPA) Category I
≥ 9.00
Category II
≥ 8.50 - 9.00
Category III
≥ 8.00 - < 8.50
S.No. Program Semester Fee Amount of Scholarship (In Rs.) per semester
1. B.Tech. Programs (4 years) 1,25,000 37,500 27,500 18,750
2. B.Sc. Computer Science, B.Sc. Data Analytics,
B.Sc. (Mathematics), B.Sc. (Physics) and BCA
40,000 12,000 8,800 6,000

Refund Policy (as per UGC norms)

(a) Refund of Admission Fee: The students who withdraw from the program will be eligible for refund of fee as given in the table below:

S.No Percentage of Refund of Admission Fee* Point of time when request for withdrawal from the program reaches the Admissions Office
1. 100% after deduction of processing fee of Rs. 1,000 On or before 30 June, 2023

(b) Refund of Program Fee: The students who withdraw from the program will be eligible for refund of fee as given in the table below:

S.No Percentage of Refund of Aggregate Fees* Point of time when request for withdrawal from the program reaches the Admissions office
1. 100% Withdrawn before semester registration date 17 July, 2023.
2. 75% Withdrawn within 4 weeks from the date of semester registration 17 August, 2023.
3. 50% Withdrawn after 4 weeks but before 8 weeks from the date of semester registration 1 September, 2023 to 30 September, 2023.
4. No refund If withdrawn after 8 weeks from the date of semester registration

(*Inclusive of Program Fee and non-program fee but exclusive of caution deposit and security deposit)

Proctored exam rules for taking Online ATIT-2023

An Applicant must appear for the online test from home and ensures that he/she has a laptop/desktop/Mobile Phone/Tab with uninterrupted Wi-Fi/sufficient band width and electricity. Parent/Guardian has to accept the full responsibility to invigilate their child to successfully take the online exam and submit the answers for evaluation upon completion. The online test will be proctored by invigilators and the test will be automatically submitted after few warnings, if

  1. the candidate tries to login from multiple places, with different IP addresses
  2. the candidate’s face is not recognized/detected
  3. there is multiple face detection
  4. there is high volume or sound interference detected
  5. there is audio muted detection
  6. there is frequent window switch
  7. there is possible internet failure for more than an hour during the exam

Choosing preferences for B.Tech., B.Sc. and BCA Programs

The candidates are strongly advised to exercise their preferences carefully. For example, if a candidate has given his/ her preference in the order of CSE, CSE-IT, CSE-AI, CSE-AI & ML, DS & AI, ECE, ME, CE, BSc (Data Analytics), B.Sc. (Computer Science) and BCA. The admission process will be to allot the seat to the candidate based on the preferences given on the first cum first serve basis.

Program wise codes

While filling the Application Form, applicants are strongly advised to provide all the eight preferences as per their priority. Any Application Form not having even a single preference will be rejected. Use the code numbers for various branches given below.

B.Tech: Programs Code
Civil Engineering (CE) 01
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) 02
Computer Science & Engineering cum Information Technology (CSE-IT) 03
Computer Science & Engineering cum Artificial Intelligence (CSE -AI ) 04
Computer Science & Engineering cum Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (CSE –AI & ML ) 05
Data Science & Artificial Intelligence ( DS & AI) 06
Electronics & Communications Engineering (ECE) 07
Mechanical Engineering (ME) 08
Mechatronics 09
B.Sc. & BCA Programs Code
B.Sc. Computer Science 10
B.Sc. Data Analytics 11
B.Sc. Mathematics 12
B.Sc. Physics 13
BCA 14

Application process for ATIT 2023

  1. How to Apply: Admission into the First-Degree Programs for the Academic Year, 2023-24 will be conducted in one phase. Applicants interested in appearing for ATIT 2023, for seeking admission in the First-Degree Programs of IcfaiTech are required to submit duly filled in application form on or before 15 May, 2023. Students can apply either in online or offline modes.

    Students can apply either through online or offline methods.
  2. Online Application: Applicants can apply online by filling up the Application Form available at and making payment of Rs. 500 towards the cost of examination using Credit/ Debit Card (Visa/Master Card) or Internet Banking through secure Internet payment gateway. Applicants applying online should upload their passport size color photograph.
  3. Download of Application Form: Applicants can fill their details online and download the Application Form from and send it to the Admissions Office along with the Bank Demand Draft of `500 towards the cost of the examination. The Demand Draft (DD) should be drawn in favor of “IFHE – IcfaiTech Prospectus Fee A/c 2023” payable at Hyderabad. The candidate will receive an acknowledgment to the registered e-mail id with an application number for future reference.
  4. Address for Correspondence: The duly filled in physical copy of the application form along with the DD should be sent to the Admissions Office, through Speed Post or Courier to: Admissions Office (B.Tech/ B.Sc. / BCA programs) #65, Nagarjuna Hills, Punjagutta, Hyderabad–500 082, Telangana State. For further queries, one can reach us at E-mail: or contact Toll Free: 1800-599- 0767.
  5. E-mail correspondence: It is mandatory for all the applicants to indicate their e-mail ID, as all important information relating to ATIT 2023 will be intimated to the applicants by e-mail. Similarly, all applicants are required to send their letters/correspondence by e-mail only to, clearly indicating their names and application number.

ATIT Examination 2023

ATIT Examination is an aptitude test. The test is for 2 hours duration and is conducted in 2 sessions per day during 25-31 May 2023. The date and the time slot for the examination will be intimated to the candidate through the student’s registered email id.

The test consists of objective type questions (multiple choices) in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and Logical Reasoning. The number of questions in each subject is given below and the syllabus is available on

Subject Number of questions Marks Time
Mathematics 35 35 2 hours
Physics 25 25
Chemistry 20 20
English 20 20
Logical Reasoning 20 20
Total 120 MCQs 120  

* Not applicable for B.Sc. Data Analytics and BCA; Duration and Marks for the latter programs shall be 1 hour 15 minutes and 75 respectively